Hiring A Professional for Your Wedding Day

Every once in awhile I hear horror stories of brides that ask a friend or family member (that has a decent camera) to shoot their wedding day pictures. I cringe knowing what the result will be. Going cheap might seem like a good idea until AFTER your wedding when you see the actual product. At that point it’s too late. Your big day is gone and whatever your relative managed to get is what you have to live with. In order to avoid these stories here are some things that every bride should consider about wedding day photography.

-       Professionals are experienced in the weddings field and are familiar with the wedding day process.

-       Professionals have the proper gear needed to get the right great pictures. Gear makes a huge difference in the lighting and clarity of your photos.

-       Professionals guide your posing whether it’s natural or formal to make you look good in front of the camera.

-       Professionals know how to be in the right place in the right time. This makes all the difference when capturing priceless moments that go by quickly.

-       Professionals are flexible and adapt well to changing situations.

-       Professionals move things along and will help take charge to get the pictures you need in the time frame that was allotted.

-       Professionals know how to capture emotion.

-       Professionals are motivated, driven, and committed to the job.

-       Professionals often have second photographers that provide different angles to capture priceless moments from your story.

-       Professionals have websites that showcase their ability and style.

These memories are the one thing you will have when the wedding is over. Consider the after effects of the choices you make.

Professional Wedding Photographers (3)Professional Wedding Photographers Professional Wedding Photographers (8)   Professional Wedding Photographers (4)

Engagement Proposals

Getting engaged in Colorado and looking for that perfect place to propose? Why not document your big day and get engagement pictures while you’re at it? When we plan a live engagement proposal for couples we usually start by figuring out the perfect spot. The location is in somewhat of a secluded place. It usually has areas the photographers can hang out and hide. Once we find a pretty spot we take pictures and map out where to go. The pictures help the guy know which way to turn to get good camera angles. The guy sends pictures of what the couple looks like so we know who to be looking for. We also use a App called Find My Friends so we know exactly when they are coming. The app allows the guy to see where we are as well. We do our best not to be seen so the couple can just enjoy the moment. It’s always fun surprising the girl with pictures!

Breckenridge Live Engagement Map Planning a Colorado Proposal Colorado Live Engagement ProposalBreckenridge Live ProposalBreckenridge ProposalLarimer Square ProposalLarimer Square Engagement Proposal

VISTA at Arrowhead Wedding | Edwards, CO

Audrey and Jochem are an energetic and active couple! The first time we met was over Skype. They both love the Colorado outdoors. Audrey enjoys running while Jochem enjoys mountain biking. Together they love hiking in the mountains. They are both are adventurous and were up for pictures in snow. Audrey came prepared with white snow boots under her wedding dress.:)

The wedding was unconventional and we loved that. While Audrey chose not to have bridesmaids she did have cute flower girls. The rings they chose were unique and fit their personalities well. The night was filled with lots of laughter and genuine emotions. Everyone played a game called “Mad Libs” which was a big hit. There also was a photo booth that allowed guests to take a picture with a Polaroid camera and put it in a guest album. The wedding cake was beautiful and the chocolate covered strawberries were amazing. Be sure to check out them out below!
VISTA at Arrowhead. Outdoor Colorado Wedding PicturesBeaver Creek WeddingOutdoor Wedding Pictures in Edwards, COVISTA at Arrowhead WeddingEdwards, CO Wedding near Beaver CreekVISTA at Arrowhead insideVISTA at Arrowhead Wedding.Hanging LanternsVISTA at Arrowhead.Rustic Wedding DetailsVISTA at Arrowhead Wedding. Rustic Wedding Centerpieces VISTA at Arrowhead. Wedding Rings   VISTA at Arrowhead Wedding Venue  Unique Wedding Ideas. VISTA at ArrowheadVISTA at Arrowhead Wedding. Chocolate Cover StrawberriesWedding Cake. VISTA at Arrowhead

First Look | Look Back With No Regrets


First Look. Wedding in Edwards, CO 15

When it comes to your wedding day, pictures are the one part of your wedding you’ll have to hold on to. Some brides to be that think they shouldn’t see the groom to till the ceremony. I’m not sure where the idea actually comes from. However, I believe that having plenty of creative pictures of the two of you is more important than when you see the groom/bride. The “first look” allows the two of you to see each other for the first time in a private setting. It helps take some of the pressure off of walking down the aisle. It also allows the couple to spend more time with guests.

After being through a wedding myself I’m glad we didn’t wait to see each other till I was coming down the aisle. The joy and expressions were all there and it was not bad luck as maybe some people think.:) We were able to take all our pictures before the wedding so we had plenty of time with friends and family. I have never talked to anyone who regretted doing a first look. Pictures will last you a lifetime so why not have more time to create priceless memories. Here is a sample of a “First Look” we did in Edwards, CO.


First Look. Wedding in Edwards, CO 7First Look. Wedding in Edwards, CO 6First Look. Wedding in Edwards, CO 10First Look. Wedding in Edwards, CO 8First Look. Wedding in Edwards, CO 11First Look. Wedding in Edwards, CO 13First Look. Wedding in Edwards, CO 14

Nathan and Jennie | Elk Meadow Park

This past weekend we shot the engagement of Jennie and Nathan. The shoot started at the Evergreen Lake House. With the snow coming down the whole time it made for some fun pictures. After we got hot chocolate at the Lake House we went to Elk Meadow Park to finish the session.

Here is a look at some of the shots we got.Jenny + Nathan.Elk Meadow  Engagement (1) Jenny and Nathan.Elk Meadow Engagement (2)  Jenny and Nathan.Elk Meadow Engagement (4) Jenny and Nathan.Elk Meadow Engagement (7) Jenny and Nathan.Elk Meadow Engagement

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